Approved Driving Instructor training Part 1

Your exciting new challenge starts here! Just a couple of things to check before you take the first test. You must have obtained an application pack from DVSA and registered yourself to become a trainee instructor. You have? Well, we’re ready for the off then! Just get in touch with us to complete your Approved Driving Instructor training Part 1.

So the driving instructor training part 1 consists of 2 tests, the ADI Theory Test and an on-screen Hazard Perception Test. They must be taken and passed in the same sitting, they cannot be taken separately. They will both be computerised tests and the theory part will involve multiple choice questions. It is very similar to the theory test now in place for learner drivers but as you may expect, it is a little more in-depth and involved.

driving instructor training part 1Firstly, the Theory test will ask you 100 multiple choice questions. Your answers will come up on the computer screen and you will answer electronically, there is no need for you to write any answers down. This test lasts about 40 minutes and you simply have to look at the answers available to you and make the correct choice. When you log in and before the test begins, there will be a short tutorial showing you how the test works and giving you some example questions to try – just to make sure you understand how the test works. It is very easy to navigate through the questions and you will even see a count of the questions you have completed in the left hand corner of the screen. That way, you will ensure all 100 questions have been answered.

If you’re not sure about an answer, you can “flag” it and come back to it later. It may give you some thinking time. The test lasts 40 minutes and will end after that time has elapsed even if you haven’t completed all the questions. At the end of the test, if you have time left, it would be prudent to ensure you have answered every question – you don’t want to miss out on valuable marks. This leads us nicely into how the test is set out and the areas you will need to know about.

The four areas of your driving instructor training part 1 are:

  • Road procedures
  • Traffic signs and signals, pedestrians, car control, mechanical knowledge
  • Driving Test, disabilities and the law
  • Publications and instructional techniques

The pass rate is tricky to define as you must score 80% in each of the above areas and achieve an overall mark of 85%. Just be mindful that even if you scored over 85%, you still might not pass your driving instructor training part 1! Why? Well, you have to get the all-important 80% in each section as well. As we have mentioned, the test is very similar to the theory test our pupils have to take and you having to take it to qualify helps you understand how they feel about it. It will help you empathise with them and you’ll be able to provide relevant guidance and techniques.

The Hazard Perception Test is quite simply just that, you need to spot the hazards as quickly as possible. You will be shown a series of short clips which require you to respond to certain hazards that occur when driving. In each of the 14 clips, all taken from a driver’s perspective, you will need to spot the emerging dangers and hazards. You will be tested on how quickly you spot the hazards and what your reactions and responses are.

For both of these tests, there are many different resources out there to help you. You can try sample questions or adopt useful and helpful strategies that aid your development. Here at Optimum, we have many ways of helping you learn new techniques, build your skill set and boost your confidence. We truly believe that the knowledge and experience you gain whilst studying and taking driving instructor training part 1 of the qualification process really helps when it comes to sitting the other 2 parts. It also helps you see things from a learner’s perspective and that really helps when you start teaching.

The three parts of the test are there for a reason and they all, in their own way, help to form a strong process by which all ADIs are judged. You can have as many attempts at these tests as you need so if at first you don’t succeed, take the experience and learnings and try again.