Approved Driving Instructor training Part 3

Part 3 is the final part of your ADI training and our driving instructor training part 3 will help you pass. All that you have learned and experienced in Part 1 and 2 will be consolidated in Part 3. It is a test of your instructional ability. You have passed the theory, hazard perception and practical elements, now it is time to prove that you can teach all these principles to new drivers. This test lasts about 60 minutes and will determine if you will make a good instructor or not. There is no room for “coasting” or “scraping through”, it is imperative that you show your teaching abilities.

You will have had to pass the first 2 parts in order to take the third. Trust us, working hard and training on the previous parts will stand you in very good stead for your last challenge. Some say that Part 3 is by far the most difficult area of the qualifying procedure but we maintain that if you have had the right instruction, used the resources available to you and invested time learning and absorbing the information, it won’t be as difficult as you think.

The examiner will take the role of the pupil and you will have to deliver a well-structured, effective and safe driving lesson. The examiner will stay “in character” for the duration of the test. However, they may come out of character if they need to make their instructions clearer or if there are any road safety issues. The examiner will be two of the following roles:

  • A beginner or partly trained pupil
  • A pupil who is up to test standard
  • A qualified driver taking driver development training

Role plays can leave you feeling confused and a bit silly if they are not dealt with or managed effectively. You may feel embarrassed at your “performance” if things don’t go to plan. This is why practice is the key. Build up your confidence with your trainer so that you are prepared for every situation. In your test, the examiner is an experienced driver so probably won’t put you at any risk or danger. On the other hand, a new learner might and that is why you have to be assured and confident in what you are doing.

driving instructor training part 3We all have different learning styles, this is the same for when we learnt at school, college or university and is the same when we learn a new role or procedure in our jobs. Some people are visual learners and can take information in from a book, commit it to memory and reproduce it. Others need to actually “do” the task for it to be understood. These role plays bring together all the theory and practical elements you have learned and put them into practice. Role play makes them real.

You should practice role plays with your trainer at every opportunity. In the early stages, they can be paused and real time feedback can be given. That way, you can learn from that, discuss alternative actions and move on. You and your trainer should outline your plans, ideas and objectives at the outset. You should learn to eliminate any awkwardness or unease, this is a very important part of the process and practice role plays are hugely beneficial.

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You will have 2 scenarios to work with and your examiner will play 2 different roles. Each scenario will last 30 minutes and you will need to tailor your instruction to meet the experience and relevant driving standard your “pupil” is at. Here are some suggested situations that he/she is likely to choose:

  • They may ask you to explain the safety precautions and what each of the controls do when entering the car.
  • They may ask you to show the “pupil” how to move off and make normal stops.
  • You may be asked to instruct the “pupil” how to reverse the car into limited openings or turn the car round in the road facing the other direction.
  • You may be examined on how you guide your “pupil” to park close to a kerb by reversing.
  • Teaching your “pupil” how to deal with emerging at T-junctions, approaching and turning corners, all aspects of crossroads, pedestrian crossings and how to use the mirrors and make an emergency stop.
  • You may also need to explain how to judge speed, road positioning and meeting and overtaking other vehicles.

You will be able to ask your examiner (in character) questions to ascertain their knowledge level so that you can effectively administer the lesson. You can use lesson plans or training aids if you wish. You can refer to short, brief bullet points but you will not be able to read through reams of notes! You are now in charge! Don’t forget to keep your initial instruction short and to the point and be prepared for your examiner / pupil to ask you questions. They are playing a part, remember. Once you’re qualified, your pupils will ask you plenty of questions. Give them time to show you what they’ve learnt and don’t forget to correct any mistakes they might make.

It’s all about knowing your pupil. The examiner is testing you on how you match your instruction to the experience and knowledge of your pupil. They will be expecting you to correct mistakes, observe them thoroughly and give praise where necessary. You need to have control of the situation from the passenger seat and whatever that pupils needs to do in order to perform a successful manoeuvre has to come from you. You need to give timely, understandable directions in a calm, professional and safe way.

It can take many, many hours of driving instructor training Part 3 to ensure you are completely ready. Many mistakes that are made in Part 3 and result in failures are due to lack of instruction – not giving enough or not giving the right level required for that pupil. Don’t fall into that trap. Optimum Approved Driving Instructor training Part 3 will ensure you get as much “real-life” experience as you possibly can. Our trainers will do exactly as the examiners do and pretend to be a pupil so that you can practice different scenarios. This is why choosing a reliable and helpful training provider like Optimum is key.

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