Become a driving instructor

So why become a driving instructor?
Many people aspire to be their own boss, to work the hours they want to and be able earn a salary that allows them to live a comfortable lifestyle. Being content in your work and having a healthy and happy work / life balance is something most people can only dream of. The benefits of becoming a driving instructor are obvious and the rewards are just as good! You are in the fortunate position as a driving instructor to be able to meet a variety of different people and to teach them something that will change their life forever. You must remember how you felt when you passed your driving test – it was such a sense of personal achievement. Well, you could give that pleasure and feeling of accomplishment to many others.

become a driving instructorOnce you have qualified as a driving instructor, you have a range of different options available to you. You can teach new learners all the things they need know to pass their theory and practical tests. This is what most newly qualified driving instructors do initially. When you have built up some experience you could support companies as a Fleet Driver Trainer. Fleet trainers have a huge responsibility in ensuring these front-line drivers know exactly what they are doing. Some of these drivers cover many miles and are highly visible travelling up and down the highways and byways of the country, one wrong move or decision and it be very costly to their company. So, making sure the drivers continue to be safe, confident and up to date with processes and laws is imperative. Delivering first class training to these drivers is something you could look at doing once you have completed your training and qualified as an instructor with us.

Being a driving instructor gives you a lot of flexibility. You can manage your own diary and work as many or as few hours as you wish. Depending on the hours you work and pupils you take on, most instructors will earn between £20,000 and £40,000 a year. The important thing is that you can work around your family and social commitments and increase or decrease the hours depending on your situation.

As we touched on before, people are paying more attention to the amount of job satisfaction they get and the role of a driving instructor is a very rewarding one. Watching someone learn a brand new skill is very satisfying. Equally, helping others who find things tricky is incredibly gratifying. When pupils begin their learning journey, many lack confidence as well as the skills and knowledge required. This is where your dedication and expertise come in. You can make a life changing difference to that person and that is immensely rewarding.

So, let’s recap the benefits of becoming a driving instructor.

  • Hours to suit you, your family and lifestyle.
  • The choice to teach in different environments.
  • Being your own boss and having the freedom to make decisions.
  • Job satisfaction.
  • Excellent work / life balance.
  • Meeting new and different people.
  • Learning a new skill yourself and kick starting a challenging new adventure.


Our instructors join us for a raft of reasons but knowing that our training is excellent and that they can always count on our support are the two main ones. Whether you want to train to become a full-time instructor or you simply want to earn some extra money on a part-time basis, we are here to offer you the freedom, flexibility and choice to be in control of your own destiny. Once you have qualified you can decide to go it alone and be self-employed or you can join an established driving school. It’s up to you.

Please feel free to peruse our site and learn more about what is required to become a driving instructor. Training with us could be just the new challenge you are looking for. In our other pages we detail the training and examination processes as well as other useful information.

Please call today to find out more about us as a company and to chat through the various options we have to offer. We really look forward to welcoming you to our team.

If you would like to become a driving instructor and would like more information can be found here